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Our City
Muenster – City with cultural interest in Westfalia
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Bild vergrößernHistory and Landmarks
793 first settlement, 1534 year of Anabaptists, 1648 Signing of Westfalian Peace Treaty, 1949 rebuilding of historical city center,
Town Hall, churches, Erbdrostenhof, city castle and water castles of Muensterland 
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more www.muenster.de/muensterland.html 
The Städtische Bühnen (Theatre) ...Places of cultural interest  and museum
Städtische Bühnen, Boulevard- und W.Borchert-Theater, Stadtmuseum, Naturkundemuseum, Landesmuseum, Picassomuseum, Lackmuseum
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Students in Muenster  ...Science and Education
Westfälische Wilhelms Universität, Fachhochschulen, Kunstakademie, Polizei-Führungsakademie
more www.muenster.de/bildung_wissenschaft.html  
The Arcs of the ...Shopping and Leisure Time
Prinzipalmarkt, Salzstraße and Rothenburg, but as well Kiepenkerlviertel and the new Münster-Arkaden; restaurants  even specifically characterized as student pubs in the “Kuhviertel”, Allwetterzoo, Send (specific Muenster fair)
more www.muenster.de/freizeit_sport.html
Riding bike in Muenster ...Capital of Bicycles
100000 inhabitants of Muenster own one bike at least; but there are in Muenster app. 500000 “leezen” (Muenster dialect for bike) e.g. twice as much bikes as inhabitants; the bike-station at railway main station  - the biggest in Germany with 3500 places –  even offers a bike-washing facility
Eurocityfest Münster   ...Partnership activities in Münster
An overview of partnership activities of the city of Münster is given together with a data base calendar of events.
more www.muenster.de/stadt/partnerstaedte