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For many years now we have started the year’s activities in January with a concert given by students of the Musikhochschule Münster under the guidance of Prof. Clemens Rave. The students regard this concert as an opportunity to showcase their abilities to perform classical and modern music for larger audiences. It takes place in the Residence at Tibusplatz Münster, where we are joined by inhabitants and guests. Afterwards we invite everyone to our New Years reception in the Residence hall.
The expectant audience  ...New Years Concert of the DAG on 22.1. 2013
Despite extreme wintry conditions in the Münsterland the traditional concert again attracted a big audience. But may be it has got around following the outstanding concert of 2012 that the students of the Musikhochschule at the WWU Münster from the Piano Class Clemens Rave deliver something exceptional. Indeed, the concert of 2ß13 was equal to that of 2012 in every way regarding quality and enjoyment for the audience – more, you could think, that the performing musicians, who with one exception all had performed already in DAG concert 2012, had used this year of study to even improve their performance. Aikerim Marat from Kasachstan, the first time performing in a DAG concert, not only did fit in this quality level, she proved to be an enrichment. It seems to be impossible regarding the high performance level of everyone to name someone standing out. At most we may name the final of the concert, when all 5 femal musicians together performed the piece for 5 hands Just the five of us by M. Cormick, each with one hand only and tightly packed before the piano. But let us start with the beginning. Catherine Böing from Münster performed a faszinating Nocturne f-moll op. 55 by F. Chopin followed by the romantic Nachtstück op. 23 Nr. 3 by R. Schumann. Mikkel Torup from Denmark impressed us with Spanish Rhapsody by F. Liszt, one of the most difficult piano pieces. Jisun Yun and Juhee Lee, both from Korea, performed together the Vocalise von S. Rachmaninoff full of tension. Yasi Hu fom China filled the audience with enthusiasm playing the Funerailles by F. Liszt, which Liszt had dedicated to the victims of the failed Hungarian revolution of 1849. As well extremely impressive was Aikerim Marat from Kasachstan with a piece full of rhythm Basso ostinato by a Russian composer R. Stchedrin. After the break Clemens Rave introduced somehow Amerika into the concert with the Humorestics by the American composer Zey Confrey and with The man I love by George Gershwin. Before the conclusion of the concert we once again could enjoy Jisun Yun performing Variations op. 41 by N. Kapustin and Juhee Lee performing the Sonate C-Dur 0p. 23 by L.v. Beethoven and the Scherzo op. 39 cis-moll by F.Liszt. Long and dense applause by the audience and a colourful Danke Schön by Chairman of the DAG Prof. M. Korda rewarded the artists for their exceptional performance. Following the concert their was a reception with opportunities for talks and exchange of ideas.
Clemens Rave introduces and ...DAG New Years Concert on January 19th 2012
This year the traditional New Years Concert of the DAG in the facilities of hosting Residenz am Tibusplatz, Münster; was attended extraordinary well as if there was a premonition of an outstanding piano concert this evening. These expectations should not become disappointed. After some welcoming words from DAG Chairman Prof. Martin Korda the teacher of the students Clemens Rave presented the performing students of the Musikhochschule Münster and their selected music pieces. A speciality of this evening were the performed 5 anniversaries by Leonard Bernstein, small piano pieces composed by Bernstein as birthday presents for friends. The concert was opened by Lisa Mack with Präludium and Fuge gis-moll by  J.S. Bach and the Bagatellen op. 126 Nr. 1 and 4 by L.van Beethoven. This was followed by Jisun Yun from Korea with Anniversary 1 and Alegretto grazioso from the Piano-Sonate b –dur KV 333 by W.A. Mozart. Then we heard Catherine Böing with the 2. and 4. set, Andante and Allegretto ma non troppo,  from the Piano-Sonate op. 28 by L. van Beethoven. The first concert part was closed by Mikkel Torup from Denmar with Anniversary 2 and  Etüde c-moll Op 25 by F. Chopin. After the break the restart was done with two pieces by fourhands by G. Faure and R. Sakamoto, performed by Lisa Mack and Catherine Böing, changing places for the top and low keyboard position after the first piece. Hyunho Jun from Korea performed Anniversary 3 and the Novelette Nr 1 d-moll by R. Schumann. He was followed by Yasi Hu from China with Anniversarie 4 and Humoreske and Toccata by F. Poulenc. The concert was concluded by Juhee Lee from Korea performing Anniversary 5 and the piano arrangement of Paganinis La Campanella Etüde by F. Liszt. If there someone should be made stand out from this constant exceptional performimg students then we should name Juhee Lee with her resounding final, the Liszt Etüde, which had been announced by  Clemens Rave as one of the most difficult piano pieces ever composed. In any case Clemens Rave could feel highly satisfied by the performance of his students this evening. The audience from their part applauded enthusiastically and Prof. Korda presented a small Danke Schön to the students, wished them well for their professional future and invited everyone for a reception in the foyer.
Ji Young Kim (soprano) ...Spring Concert DAG 2011
May be it was the marvellous early summer weather which induced the students of the Musikhochschule Münster from the piano class Clemens Rave and the singing class Birgit Breitenbach to present to the visitors of the DAG Spring Concert at May 5th, 2011, 7:30 p.m. in the Tibusstift Münster an excellent concert with continuous very high class. Welcoming everyone Prof. M. Korda remembered the participants that this event – now called Spring Concert – was a replacement for the traditional DAG New Years Concert, which had to be canceled back then by pressing reasons. Then Clemens Rave introduced and explained the artists and the individual music pieces of the concert, which this year for the first time included singing performances beside the familiar piano pieces. Reflecting the superb performances of all artists it seems nearly impossible to name the one or other stand out. Special eye- and ear-catcher were the piano pieces for six hands (!) by the American composer Mike Cornick Baroque to the Blues – which could be called „Fugato-Jazz“ – and Anyone for tennis and Benodet brise. Very imprssive too were the 7 early songs by Alban Berg sung by the sopano singer Ji Young Kim accompanied on the piano by Jisun Yun as well as the 3 late romantic songs by Alma Mahler song by the mezzo soprano singer Hye-Yeon Kim accompanied on the piano by Juhee Lee. This indeed excellent concert was closed after 1 ½ hours with the smashing Tritsch-Tratsch Polka by Johann Strauß presented again with 6 hands by Yasi Hu, Jisun Jun and Ju Hee Lee. Incessant applause by participants as well as some flowers presented by Prof. M. Korda indicated the gratitude of the audience.
Prof. M. Korda welcomes ...New Years Concert, January 14th, 2010
The traditional New Years Concert of the DAG was opened by Chairman Prof. Martin Korda in the facilities of hosting Residenz am Tibusplatz, Münster; he again could welcome numerous guests, friends and members of our society. Clemens Rave presented the performing students of the Musikhochschule Münster and their selected music pieces, which had to honor F. Chopin in this year in particular. The Concert was opened by Juri Deibert performing 3 piano dances from the 5. French Suite G-Dur by J.S. Bach. After that we heard Lisa Mack and the Nocturne H-Dur by F. Chopin followed by Jisun Yun with 2 valses by the same composer. Elisabeth Klein and Lisa Mack performed a piano piece for 4 hands Ma Mere L’oye by M. Rave. The second part of the concert was opened at the piano by Mikkel Torup with a Mazurka by F. Chopin and a Polka by B. Smetana. Mehdi Khajeh Kazerouni performed an interesting pioano piece “Black and White” by P. M. Hamel, in which the left hand touched white keys and the right hand black keys only. Changing the program 3 Etudes for piano and clarinet by R. Schumann were performed by Amrei Selbach piano and Sabrina Garlik clarinet. The 1. set of the sonate op. 26 As-Dur for piano by L.v. Beethoven was played by Wonhoo Jang and the concert was finished by Kukhwa Moon with La Plus que lente by C. Debussy and the Valse brillante op. 18 Es-Dur by F. Chopin.
Martin Korda took on the applause and expressed the thanks of the audience with some flowers for the young artists. Finally he invited everyone to a New Year reception in the foyer.